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This is a brand new rp tumblr for anyone that likes Kuroshitsuji.
Rules This rp group isn’t strict, but here are just minor rules. If you want to roleplay one of the characters, please leave a request in the ask box BEFORE you make a character profile. We do accept yaoi, yuri, or regular, but if it gets explicit, please put it under a Read More. We don’t want conflict.
Please be respectful.
☆Remember, if a character profile isnt made within 48 hours it will be given to someone else. ☆Character List~


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iceakito whispered, "I was just wondering would Madame Red or Maylene be available, by any given chance?"

Check the taken roles and see if they are open.

Its has been to damn long.

Where my bitches at.

adrielnoel whispered, "I was just wondering If Ciel is still available?"

We do indeed still need a Ciel.

shotagundam-deactivated20131021 whispered, "I was wondering if i could be Claude Faustus for your rp blog?"

Sure~! Just link us to the blog when it is made.

Anonymous whispered, "How alive is this group?"

Pretty alive. All the people keep up with their blogs daily and I just went through and opened a lot of places.

If thats what you mean?

xxla-vie-en-rosexx whispered, "I'd be willing to rp as Sebastian, if you still need one."

Sure! Just send us the link when the account is made.

So, we have new opening and lots of them. We need people~


-Sebastian Michaelis

-Claude Faustus

-Hannah Annfellows

-Triplet Servants

Young Masters

-Ciel Phantomhive

-Alois Trancy


-Baldroy (Bard)




-Miss. Elizabeth



Grim Reapers

-Grell Sutcliff

-William T. Spears


-Ronald Knox

- Alan Humphries

- Eric Slingby

Noble People

-Madame Red


-Prince Soma



-Drocell Cainz

-Lord Aleister Chamber

- Luca

Anonymous whispered, "is there pluto oe does that mean that the char is still open?"

Pluto is open.

Anonymous whispered, "can i be joker? from the circus i mean.."

Of course~